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Every summer we enjoy watermelons but usually eat them in traditional triangle shapes. But it’s too boring and we found a lot of creative ideas on how to cut a watermelon.
Here is a collection of life-changing watermelon hacks for a hot summer:
-If you are preparing for a romantic date, you can make a watermelon heart that looks adorable
-Make a basket out of a watermelon filled with watermelon balls. The good thing is that you don’t need to have any special cutting skill. You will only need an ice-cream scooper
-Watermelon has a very important benefit - it perfectly hydrates your body when it’s hot outside. And we know a cool idea of how to make watermelon juice. Cut a hole in a watermelon, use a whisk to beat the flesh. Add ice cubes and stir. Now you can make a juice dispenser
-Make a watermelon volcano! Make a whole and place inside some Mentos and pour soda. Enjoy!
-One more awesome idea is to make a watermelon cocktail for a beach party! You will need salt, chili pepper, lime, watermelon juice, lime juice and a bit of alcohol
-Reuse Pringles can slice a watermelon. Check out the tutorial!
-We know a recipe of super-easy dessert - watermelon jellies!
-One more delicious dessert is Cola watermelon. Cut two holes in watermelon, pour Cola inside and incredible dessert is ready!
-You will learn how to serve watermelon and to make your party table even cooler. Use wooden sticks to serve and eat watermelon. The best thing is that sticks will let your hands be clean
As a bonus, you will find fruit life hacks that will help you to cut fruits very quickly! Check out how to make mango flowers, how to make square oranges, how to serve pineapples and a lot more!

00:22 DIY Watermelon juice dispenser
00:46 Watermelon volcano
02:29 Watermelon Jello
03:00 A new way to cut a watermelon
12:20 Mango roses

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