5 Easiest and healthy Christmas snacks your kids are going to love

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As the festive season approaches, we all start worrying about our kids, because their breakfast, lunch, and dinner all are compromised on the pretext of snacks. They cannot stop nibbling the delicious snacks and leave every healthy thing on the plate possible.

But do you know snacks can be the healthiest thing your kids will have in this festive season? Sounds weird right? How can snacks be healthy, but this time they can be. Not tiringly healthy but tasty, full of health and super easy to make.

Don’t believe us? Have a look

1.       Watermelon Christmas Tree

Find a new creative way to make your kids something really innovative and prepared in just a minute.


    •       Triangular shaped watermelon
    •       Cream for garnishing

2.       Santa biscuits

Who knew biscuits could be healthy too. Just grab some biscuits use your kids favorite jam and cheese and you’re good to go.


    •        Biscuit of your choice
    •       Jam
    •       Cheese

3.       Eggscellent snowman

None of the kids will be able to say no to these adorable snowmen made out of boiled eggs. Garnish them with some carrots and peppers and see how your kids are going to love the usual eggs.


    •       Two boiled eggs
    •        Carrots
    •        Pepper
    • ·      Coriander

4.       Fruity Santa caps

Isn’t it difficult to make your tiny lads sit and eat some fruits? Well, this time it won’t be. Grab a toothpick place some fruits strategically and your kid will love the newly crafted snack.


    •        Strawberries
    •         Grapes
    •         Marshmallow
    •         Banana

5.       Cheese pops

Proteins are essential for kids, and everybody knows cheese is a rich source of protein. Make these cheese pops without much efforts and let your kids have some rich diet with taste.


    •         Triangle Cheese slice
    • ·       Seasoning  of your choice

Christmas recipes for kids

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