Salad "Piece of watermelon"


    • chicken (fillet) - 400 g;
    • cheese - 150 g;
    • fresh cucumber - 1 large;
    • fresh tomatoes - 2-3 pcs .;
    • eggs - 2-3 pcs .;
    • olives (for decoration) - a few pieces;
    • mayonnaise - to taste;
    • salt, pepper - to taste.



1. Bird fillets are cooked in salted water. After cooling chicken meat, divide into thin fibers or cut into small pieces.

2. Cooked eggs three on a large grater. 

3. Cut tomatoes into slices. We remove the liquid center with seeds so that there is no excess moisture in the prepared salad.

4. The remaining vegetable part is cut into small strips.

5. We rub the cheese with large shavings.

6. Cucumber rubbing, using a large grater, or shred very thin strips. Sprinkle cucumber mass with salt to taste, mix and remove to the side. While we are engaged in assembling the salad, the cucumbers will start the juice, which will need to be drained.

7. To justify the name of the dish, the components of the salad will be collected as a water-melon slice. First of all, on a large plate lay the prepared fillet in the form of a crescent moon.

8. We cover the chicken layer with mayonnaise, and from above place the grated eggs, slightly receding from the right side of the salad. If desired, lightly sprinkle the egg layer with salt / pepper.

9. We put a mayonnaise layer, and then distribute cheese along the whole perimeter of the salad. On the left edge of our crescent we form a small rise from the cheese, which later serves as an imitation of the light part of the watermelon crust. Lubricate the entire cheese layer with mayonnaise, except for the formed "rim".

10. On a layer of cheese we spread tomatoes, hiding beneath them all the previous layers without lumens. Open leave only cheese "border" on the left side. Tomatoes can be sprinkled with salt if desired.

11. Cucumber carefully squeezed to get rid of the liquid. Then sort the cucumber mass along the left side of the salad to simulate a green crust. Now our salad has become very similar to the watermelon slice, but for completeness of the picture it is necessary to supplement the "watermelon flesh" with dark impregnations resembling seeds.

12. Olives cut into thin pieces and in an arbitrary order spread on tomatoes. Now the salad "Watermelon slice" with chicken is completely ready!

We divide into portions and serve! Bon Appetit!

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