Bechamel Sauce Oven Baked Pasta Recipe

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Hello gentlemen ladies
Bechamel sauce oven pasta recipe
Ingredients spagatti pasta, wheat flour, feta cheese, whole milk, cheddar cheese and liquid sunflower oil,
This meal will be a hundred pax
I first prepare bechamel sauce I add sunflower oil and flour at the same rates
I add the liquid sunflower oil into the cooker I put in the oven
I add the same amount of flour as sunflower oil
I am stirring at intervals of about five minutes
I mix it up to pink color
I add salt and add sugar
I add boiling water
Carefully mix will not be solid consistency
I add cold milk with stirring
 I adjust the consistency I am separating some of it too much
I add white cheese and stir well
I add spaghetti into salty boiling water
I'll boil the spaghetti for seven minutes
I'm preparing the cheese with red pepper
Spaghetti is scalding and cooking at this time
I prevent sticking by mixing spagetti
There are special long pastas for oven pasta
 I am using spaghetti pasta
I add cold water and wait for two more minutes
I add spagetti strainer and I need to filter the water completely
I add water into the spaghetti of spaghetti I prepare
It needs to be mixed thoroughly
I put it in the oven trays in equal amounts
A tray becomes fifty
I add colored cheese
You can add plenty of cheddar cheese
Bake to the top
I cook in the middle of the oven for about 20 minutes
I add water on it to moisten it
You can add melted margarine on top of equal pieces
 Thank you very much for watching the video
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