Cheese Fondue | Authentic Swiss Family Recipe


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Learn how to make an authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue with my family's recipe, from scratch! Since some people asked, NO this is not an instant fondue mix!! Here in Switzerland, you can go into any cheese store and ask for a moité-moité fondue, and they will automatically just grate the cheese for you and put it in a bag. This is just the pure cheese, which is why I have to add all the other ingredients. The mix in here is half Gruyeres, half Vacherin cheese which is the classic mix. In an instant fondue mix, you just basically heat up the bag as everything is already inside, sometimes even pre-melted - in short: disgusting!!

Rest assured this is a very typical recipe, pretty much everyone I know in Switzerland makes some kind of a variation of this recipe! A similar recipe is even printed on the fondue bags when you buy it at a cheese store in Switzerland.

Regarding wine, there is no reason to substitute. Alcohol evaporates at high temperatures, so if you're worried about that, just cook it a bit longer before enjoying. There is no substituting for the taste of the white wine and really no reason to do so. Trust me, no child is going to get drunk on this fondue! :)

Ingredients for 2 people:

400g cheese (classic is half Gruyere, half Vacherin cheese)
1 clove garlic
150ml white wine
2 teaspoons corn starch
1-2 teaspoons Kirsch (cherry) or Pear schnapps
1 loaf of hearty country bread, cubed in bite-size pieces ("Ruchbrot" in Switzerland)
dash of fresh nutmeg
black pepper to taste

Enjoy your authentic Swiss fondue!

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