Chocolate Tarts (Individual)


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I show you how to make individual Chocolate Tarts, the simple way.

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You will need:
- A Muffin tray - each tin measuring 6.5cm diameter (or see below to adapt depending on size you have)
- 2 large pieces of baking paper - each about 35cm length/width (or slightly less)
- 5.5/6cm (diameter) round cookie cutter (or see below re adapting depending on size of your muffin trays)
- Heat-proof cling-film (may be labelled as microwave-proof - just ensure can be heated up to at least 160 C) - cut out 6 pieces

Makes 6 individual tarts:

70g cold unsalted butter, cubed (2.4oz)
57g powdered (icing) sugar, sifted (2oz)
30g cold egg, (crack an egg, whisk for few seconds to break it up then weigh out 30g) (1oz)
1/2 tsp salt
150g plain (all purpose) flour, sifted (5.3oz)
5g ground almonds (0.18oz)

140g dark chocolate (ideally 50% but 60% will also work) - important to use best quality chocolate you can (5oz)
140g whipping (pouring) cream (4.7 fl oz)
40g butter, room temperature (1.7oz)

1. Whisk cold butter until just soft. Add sugar, whisk until just combined.
2. Add egg in 2 parts (or in 3-4 parts if making larger batch of pastry), whisking between each addition until completely combined.
3. Add flour and almond, fold very briefly then tip onto work surface (Cool work surface is ideal - if not marble or granite, could place a few cold items from freezer onto work surface for 20 mins or so before begin) and bring together with hands.
As soon as comes together(though it may still be a little crumbly), form into baton shape and smooth across work surface (may need to do this twice if pastry still very crumbly).
4. Flatten slightly on baking paper, cover with second piece and roll out to thickness of 3mm(nb try to ensure it's no more than 3mm. 2mm thickness will also work well. Also try to ensure baking paper is not creasing as you roll - if it is, lift the paper, place it back down and try to roll out the crease which may have formed in the pastry)
5. Using ruler and sharp knife, make markings as shown in video.
Should end up with 6 strips of pastry, each measuring:
- 2cm height - can be reduced or increased depending on desired height of tart shells
- 17cm length - reduce or increase slightly if your muffin tins are smaller or larger than 6.5cm diameter.
Should also end up with 6 circular discs, each measuring 5.5/6cm diameter (reduce or increase size of chosen cookie cutter slightly if your muffin tins are smaller or larger than 6.5cm diameter)
NB if pastry is very sticky at this point, you can either dab the ruler in a little flour to ensure it doesn't stick to the pastry or you can undertake this 'marking' stage after the pastry has rested for a while in the fridge.
6. Re-cover with baking paper and rest in fridge minimum 3hrs.
7. Once pastry rested, brush muffin tins with melted butter then remove pastry from fridge and line tins as shown in video (place strips around border, seal at seam then circular discs, sealing around border). Pastry will heat up quickly and become difficult to work with so wait and remove pastry from fridge at last moment then work swiftly.
8. Lightly prick with fork.
9. Fill each with a square of cling film and dried rice.
10. Pre-heat oven to 160 C fan / 320F (return muffin tray to fridge for 15mins or so whilst wait for this to heat). Bake for 15mins.
11. Remove from oven then increase temperature of oven to 170C/340F. Remove rice and cling film, transfer each shell to a baking tray then return to oven to bake for about 3-5 mins or until just golden.
12. Transfer to wire rack to cool (for about 10mins) then straighten edges using fine meshed grater.

13. To make chocolate ganache, slowly melt chocolate over bain-marie (bowl sitting over saucepan of barely simmering water) (or in microwave, checking and stirring after every 20 seconds) then set aside.
14. bring cream to stage just before it boils, then pour it, 1/3 at a time over chocolate, stirring well with spatula between additions.
15. stir in room temperature butter and once completely smooth and glossy, pour into pastry shells.
16. Leave to set either at room temperature or in the fridge for a couple of hours.

If you make these I would LOVE to see. Please post a picture to my Facebook page : or tag me on instagram: @__tri_

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