How to make Apple-grain moonshine, homemade recipe

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pot barley - 1 kg.
wheat flour - 1 kg
sweet apples - 1,5 kg
Alpha and Gluco amilase ferments
water - 10 L.

Cooking process:
Boil water and pour grain, blend it till it’s completely streak free by using a mixer or blender. Coil the tank with coverlet and leave it for cooking for a couple hours in warm place.
Afterwards saccharify the mush. Add alpha amilase ferment in ratio of 2-3 g of ferment to 1 kg of starch, blend it well and let it simmer down till 62-65 degrees Celsius. Then add gluco amilase ferment in ratio of 1-2 g of ferment to 1 kg of starch, blend it well again and coil the tank with coverlet, leave it in warm place for 2 hours.
When the mash became sweet, wash apples and mince them, add them to the mash and blend. Pour in yeast with warm water and leave it in warm place for about 10-15 minutes, as soon as you see the yeasty cap is growing - pour yeast into the tank with mash (the temperature must be no more than 30 degrees Celsius), then blend all this stuff.
The ideal temperature for fermentation is 28 degrees Celsius, by such a temperature the yeast ferment in 3 days.
After fermenting, you can filter the home brew by using a laundry net, and if you have a steam generetor - just relax.
You must do 2 distillations, the first one: extracting of raw alcohol, the second one - foreshots - 10% from AA (absolute alcohol) and 75% of hearts.
I stretched apple-grain moonshine till 45% ABV and left it for 3 weeks. As the result I’ve got an incredible drink with pleasant apple aroma and grain softness. To the taste you can feel fruit constituent as well as grain softness. I’m satisfied with my experiment! Just try this out!

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