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This video will teach you how to make moonshine at home in the Caribbean, more importantly how to make moonshine from fruits on the Corn Islands. I never thought making moonshine was this easy but alas, it is.

I tasted a bit of it a few times and its as alright, but you could definitely tell the alcohol content was out of the park. A guy at this bar we were at when Dave showed up with the bottle downed most of it and coincidence or not, he was sort of slurring about a half hour later.

Supposedly the batch of moonshine we made was 90 proof aka roughly 45% alcohol and you can tell by shaking it, less bubbles the stronger it is...

How to make moonshine

Ever wanted to learn how to make vodka at home, and save some serious dough? If you learn how to make moonshine, you can beat the ultra-high prices that are charged by big multinational corporations and the government. This article will lay out the basics so that you can make your own hooch for a fraction of the retail cost.
MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: Before starting, it's important to note that making moonshine is not permitted in many jurisdictions. Why is moonshine illegal? It is because many creators do not take the due care necessary to prevent the formation of methanol, which is very poisonous to humans. We do not accept legal responsibility should you use our instructions and end up making a bad batch.

With that out of the way, here is how to make moonshine in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Ferment your feedstock

The first step in the moonshine making process is to ferment whatever you are boozifying. For vodka, this is usually potatoes. For whiskey, this is grain. For rum, it is molasses, and for gin, it is made from juniper berries or a variety of other botanicals like coriander.

When you decide to learn how to make moonshine, head out to your local wine supply store and get a carboy. Find instructions on the alcohol you wish to create (like rum, for example) and mix the appropriate ratio of feedstock to water. Do not forget to add the yeast.

Let it sit in a heated room (about 25 degrees Celsius) for a few weeks, or until it stops bubbling.

STEP 2: Distill your moonshine

The most important step in learning how to make safe moonshine is the distillation process. To extract your chosen spirit from your mash, you'll need to heat it up on the stove past the boiling point of alcohol, but beneath that of water. Done properly, cold water from your tap will cool the still, which will cause the alcohol vapour from your mash pot to distill and drip down into your collection vessel. IMPORTANT: For every 5 gallons of mash, siphon off the first two ounces of liquid, as this contains LETHAL methanol. Feel free to throw out more than that for safety's sake.

STEP 3: Flavor/dilute your moonshine

The last step in learning how to make moonshine is determining its strength and flavouring it. Pour it through a filter to remove impurities, then add water to bring it down from its near pure state. A hydrometer can help with this task. Oak barrels are great for flavouring rum, and berries/fruit add nice accents to vodka. Experiment, and have fun!

Know that you know how to make moonshine, be sure to have some fun and branch out by trying to make some moonshine recipes that your friends will love you for. Be safe, and enjoy the process!

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