How to Marinate Chicken and Beef

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Whenever you're cooking meats, whether you're grilling, going on top of the stove, or into the oven, it's a great idea to marinate because marinating can add an enhanced, wonderful flavor. Now we're working with two marinades today, both of these recipes are available on, just search David's Recipes. Now one is a teriyaki marinade and we're going to be using this with great chicken, it also pairs very good with pork. The other is a chimichurri marinade and this one is going to bring out some great flavor in our flank steak. Now flank steak by itself can be pretty tough and doesn't have a lot of flavor, but when you add a wonderful marinade like this one, it tenderizes the meat, and adds incredible richness of depth and wonderful flavor. First it's important to understand the components of the marinade. Most marinades will include a fat of some kind, usually oil or buttermilk, next you'll find acid like wine or vinegar, and third, lots of herbs for wonderful flavor. Now in the teriyaki marinade, I've included a rice wine vinegar and a pineapple juice, both have lots of acid in there and that's going to help breakdown and make that chicken very tender and super flavorful. Now with the flank steak and the chimichurri sauce, we have a sherry vinegar and also some wonderful Dijon mustard, as well as lots of other herbs and spices that are going to make both of these dishes delicious. Now let's get started with the marination process. You'll notice we've chosen glass dishes. Never a good idea to marinate in a metal dish, the acid in the marinade will react with the metal and transfer a metallic taste to your food. So what you want to do first is make sure you completely cover the meat in the marinade. We'll start with the chimichurri sauce. Now what I like to do is take this and spread the marinade on one side, then take a set of tongs, flip it over, and marinate the other side. Be very generous with the marinade. The more you add, the more flavor you'll have. And then we'll do the same with the teriyaki and the chicken. In this case, get a nice deep bowl, and be generous with the marinade. Once you've poured it in, and most of the pieces look covered, take a pair of tongs, go inside and make sure that each piece is coated evenly. Once all the meat is completely coated, it's a good idea to put both of these dishes into the refrigerator, never a good idea to marinate at room temperature. You want to keep these nice and cold. In the case of the flank steak, this can be marinated in as little as thirty minutes all the way up to four hours. Remember the flank steak is a tough cut of meat, and the longer you marinate it, the more tender it becomes, but important to know, never marinate it more than four hours because of that acid in there, if you were to marinate it all night, you could really break down the texture of the meat to turning it mushy and it just would be unappetizing. Remember chicken doesn't need to marinate nearly as long as some cuts of red meat, chicken isn't as tough, so what you're going to do is marinate this as little as thirty minutes, up to two hours. Bring it up to room temperature for about twenty minutes and it's ready to go right onto the grill or into the oven. Now while it's tempting to go out and buy a store bought marinade, I always recommend making it fresh. When you use fresh ingredients, your flavor is better, your recipes will turn out more nicely. And it's important to know that store bought marinades can be full of sodium and preservatives, so make it fresh for perfect results every time.
Marinade for meat

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