How To Smoke Brisket & Brisket Burnt Ends - Quick Easy & Delicious


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How To Smoke Brisker & Brisker Burnt Ends - Watch this video and learn how to smoke a brisket and brisket burnt ends

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Total cooking time: 7 hours 00 minutes
Preparation time 0 hours 45 minutes
Cooking time 6 hours 15 minutes

Suggested tools:
Oven tray
Barbecue thermometer -
Silicone gloves -
Silicone gloves (ger) -

Brisket (whole packer)
Barbecue beef rub (very little sugar)
Barbecue pork rub
Olive oil

How To:
07h00m - start up your barbecue and set it to smoke at 140 Celsius or 300 Fahrenheit
06h30m - Trim your brisket and remove the top hump for the burnt ends. Coat both cuts with the beef rub. (use olive oil to make it stick.
06h15m - Smoke the brisket until the core temperature has reached 65 Celsius or 149 Fahrenheit
04h15m - Wrap the brisket and the burnt ends cut in tin foil and place it back on the smoker until the core has reached a temperature of 96 Celsius or 205 Fahrenheit
02h15m - Wrap the brisket in more tinfoil place it in your oven or in your smoker and set it to cook at 50 Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit.
00h00m - Take out your brisket slice it up, it is ready to eat!!!
00h15m - Slice the burnt ends part in to cubes and brush it with the juices form the brisket. Sprinkle on some pork rub and place them back on the smoker.
00h00m - Take out the burnt ends and plate them up with a bit of barbecue sauce!!

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