How to Stew Apples | Easy Tutorial and Recipe

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Hey guys, I hope you found this tutorial useful.

How to stew apples…
• 10 Granny smith apples
• Brown Sugar ¼ of a cup
• Cinnamon sticks 1
• A capful of vanilla essence
• ½ a cup of water
• Peeler
• Good knife
• Large–ish pot
• A wooden spoon
1. Peel in slice your apples into quarters or eights, depending on preference. Kids might want to get an up-grown to do this part if you want to keep your fingers.
2. Put the slices of apple into your pot and add the rest of the ingredients (sugar, cinnamon stick, water, vanilla essence). Leave on a high-ish flame for about five minutes. Leave it for a few more minutes if it’s not soft enough. Also give it a stir every few minutes.
3. You can keep this in the refrigerator for a few days, and serve it hot or cold with whatever you want.
4. I told you it was easy. Have fun cooking :P

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