Moonshine recipe, mash proportions of Jack Daniels distillery.

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Grain moonshine, mash proportions of Jack Daniеls distillery.
Corn meal - 80%
Rye meal - 8%
Barley - 12%, (originally you need barley malt)
Alpha-amilase and gluco-amilase ferments
Yeast - if using simple or baker’s yeast - 30 g per 1 kg of meal
Water - 4 L per each 1 kg of meal

Cooking process:
Boil water, put meal and grain in equal parts, meanwhile blend it by using mixer till all the blobs disappear. Mix it well and leave in warm room. Afterwards add alpha-amilase ferment in ratio of 1g to 1kg of starch, mix and leave for about 15-20 minutes. Add gluco-amilase at temperature 65 degrees Celsium in ratio of 1g to 1kg of starch. Mix it well and leave it for saccharifying for about 2 hours in warm place whipping it with wrap.
Soon after it has been saccharified - put yeast, the temperature must be not above 30-32 degrees Celsium. Leave for fermentation with mash temperature in about 28 degrees. Soon after it has been fermented - distill it. The first cut - is raw alcohol separating, the second cut - foreshots and tails. Usually foreshot are 10% from Absolute Alcohol, tails - when i’ve done 70% of distilling.
Stretch alcohol till 40-54% ABV (at will), you can also filter it through the oak-charcoal filter.
Grain moonshine, mash proportions of Jack Danial’s distillery has soft taste and has corny and rye aroma, barley makes it sweet. It’s very nice liquo, it goes either nice in pure form or as infusion on oak-chips.

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