Polish Food - Eating Pierogi taste test in Krakow, Poland


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Join us for our favorite Polish food as we eat Pierogi in the form of a taste test (both savory and sweet) in Krakow, Poland.

We found a restaurant called Pierogarnia - Słowiańska Uczta on our first full day in Krakow after shopping for some groceries just across the street. We ended up eating there on a whim and what a pleasant surprise it was. The pierogi served at this restaurant are some of the best we've ever had and we ended up going back several times.

All in all we tried 40 different pierogi for this video including savory and dessert options. It was a feast of feasts.

Pierogarnia - Słowiańska Uczta  
Address: 33-332, Krakowska 44, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11AM–6PM
Phone: +48 12 426 48 24

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Polish Food - Eating Pierogi taste test in Krakow, Poland travel food video transcript:

So it is our first day here in Poland in Krakow. In Krakow.

And anyways we've got Pierogi on our minds. We are going to get pierogies. Oh and we're so hungry. We even we're even crossing the river to go find it today. We've been willing to cross a river to go have pierogi. That shows how dedicated we are.

This is awesome. Like this is a gigantic menu just outside of the restaurant here.

So we are kicking off our first full day in Krakow with pierogies. What else?

The most popular Polish dish. This is something that everyone knows about. Even in Canada we've got like frozen pierogi. So it is popular.

They are not nearly as good as the freshly made ones. No. Here in Poland. But yeah. It is something that kind of we are kind of subsisting off of pierogies in the winter in Canada. Yes. When we were in Kingston a few years ago.

It is like a really hearty meal. You know when it is cold out and you just need something that is going to fill you up and sit there for a few hours. Pierogi always a good idea.

But it is summer here but we're still going to have them anyways. We're still having it. Yeah. And actually we had some yesterday at the train station but it was just like a quick little snack and it wasn't amazing.

This place literally specializes in them. This is their menu. And we spotted this place yesterday when we were heading to our apartment so we like we're coming back. We placed four orders.

And each order comes with 10 pierogi so that is 40 pierogies that we're going to be eating for just 2 of us. 20 each!

So 20 plump savory dumplings have showed up at our table.

So we ordered two savory kinds. I think the first one was the Ruskie. Ruskie or something which is the traditional one which is like mashed potatoes and cheese.

And the other one we got fancy. We got like mushrooms, feta and something else. No, wasn't it walnuts or something?

So yeah oh and it comes with like caramelized onions on top. Wow. So let's try this.

We ate 40. We ate 40 pierogi. I feel like we deserve a gold medal in like the gluttony olympics or something.

That was I wonder what the record is?
How many pierogies. Has one person ate. Did we just break a Guinness World Record here?

But that was pretty much the ultimate pierogi taste test. Two savories, two dessert pierogi. I mean if you're going to try Polish food you absolutely have to try pierogi. And we really lucked out with this place. We didn't find it in a guidebook or even a recommendation we just while we were getting groceries last night and we walked by it.

That is going past. Anyways, yeah that maybe they are coming to rescue me because my belly is about to explode.

But anyways yeah I think we'll be coming back here for sure. We've got a whole week ahead of us. We'll be coming back here for pleasure and uh yeah pierogi in Poland guys.

You've got to try it. And price point for this meal?

So it was 56 Zloty which roughly is 13 Euros and that included our two drinks and 40 pierogi.

Yeah, it was pretty good value as well. Now time for a nap. Time for an enormous siesta.

This is part of our Travel in Poland video series showcasing Polish food, Polish culture and Polish cuisine.
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