Sesame Mochi【芝麻麻薯】分別包了紫薯餡和綠豆沙餡,再蘸上炒香的白芝麻,咬一口,好香,口感更香也更清爽。


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Required materials
Sticky glutinous rice flour 50g Rice noodles 40g
Corn starch, 30g, granulated sugar, 30g
Pure milk 180g corn oil 10g
Mung bean sand 100g purple potato stuffing 100g
1. prepare ingredients: pure milk, Rice noodles sticky, waxy corn starch, water Rice noodles, fine sugar;
2. mix the milk with the granulated sugar and mix well;
3. to stick Rice noodles, waxy corn starch mill Rice noodles;
4. stir again;
5. transfer corn oil;
6. stir again, cover with plastic wrap;
7. put in microwave oven, high heat for 3 minutes;
8. take out, stir with chopsticks, no wet soft condition can;
9. prepare mung bean paste;
10., mung bean sand into 5 balls, each ball is 20g;
11. prepare 5 purple sweet potato balls, each ball is 20g;
12. dough them into 10 balls, each ball was 30g;
13.5 balls wrapped in green bean dough balls, as close as you Glutinous Rice Balls;
14. of the remaining 5 balls wrapped in purple potato dough balls, like Glutinous Rice Balls as can be;
15. packets of good meatballs can be formed into a cylindrical shape, and then dip in the white sesame fragrant fried;
16. sesame Mochi] ready.
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