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  • Salad "Catherine"




      • Chicken fillet - 200 g
      • Cheese - 50 g
      • Prunes - 50 g
      • Walnut nuts - 30 g
      • Carrot 1 pc
      • Mayonnaise - 2 tbsp. 
      • Salad leaves to taste



    1. Chicken fillet boil until tender and cool


    2. On a flat plate spread the lettuce, for decoration of the salad using a serving ring,place the first layer of finely chopped chicken fillet, slightly to grease with mayonnaise.



    3. Lay a layer of grated boiled carrots.

    4. Add finely chopped prunes, grease with mayonnaise.

    5. Add layer of grated cheese. To grease with mayonnaise. 

    6. Sprinkle with chopped nuts. 

    7. Remove the ring and decorate with a crown of bell pepper. 

    8. Our delicious Salad "Catherine" with chicken and prunes is ready.You can serve to the festive table.

    Bon Appetit!

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  • Salad with pears, smoked chicken and cheese

    Do you want something light, tasty and refreshing? Why not make a salad with a pear, a similar appetizer will satisfy hunger, will cheer up.

    Unsweetened pears are great for making salads with chicken breast, turkey or duck meat, smoked or dried ham, ham, liver, red fish, mushrooms, various cheeses.


        • Pears - 2-3 pcs.
        •  Smoked chicken - 300 grams.
        • Cheese - 150-200 grams.
        • Leaf salad - 2 bunches.
        • Onions - 1 pc.
        • Raisins - 100 grams.
        • Nuts of walnuts - 100 grams.
        • Parsley - 1 bunch.
        • Vegetable oil.
        • Wine or apple cider vinegar.
        • Salt pepper.


    1. Smoked chicken cut into medium strips.

    2. With pears, remove the cores, cut the flesh into thin long slices.

    3. Half-rings cut the onion and fry it until golden in oil. To caramelized onion, you can sprinkle it with     a little sugar or beforehand roll in sugar powder.

    4. Rinse the raisins and pour it with boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

    5. In a dry frying pan fry the walnuts, then lightly grind them.

    6. Chop the cheese on a small grater. Pour oil into it, mixed with a small amount of vinegar, mix.

    7. Punch the parsley with a knife and knead it well with a spoon in a deep bowl, then mix it with cheese mass, salt and mix.

    8. Mix onions in a separate salad bowl, raisins with nuts, then spread them over salad leaves. On the edges put slices of smoked chicken with pears, and in the middle of cheese sauce. Top with black pepper whole grind.

    Salad with chicken and pear is best served in the form of individual servings, and not on a common plate. By the way, smoked chicken can be replaced with fried or baked with spices on the grill,pre-marinating it in a mixture of soy sauce, honey and mustard.

    Bon Appetit



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  • Chicken salad with tomatoes and beans


    Chicken salad with tomatoes and beans


        • chicken breast 250 grams
        • tomato 2 pieces
        • cheese 100 grams
        • beans 150 grams
        • salad greens
        • crumbs of white bread 30 grams
        • mayonnaise 3 tablespoons
        • vegetable oil 30 grams
        • salt 2 pinches


    1. Cut chicken fillet into small pieces. Heat the frying pan with vegetable oil, put into it a chicken cut. Fry chicken with a little salt. Put the fillets in a bowl. 

    2. Grate cheese on a coarse grater.

     3. Transfer the red canned beans (in their own juice) to a sieve and rinse a little under cold water. When all the liquid is collected from the bean, we send it to the rest of the ingredients.


    4. Cut the tomatoes into cubes. Add the sliced tomatoes to thebowl.Grind fresh lettuce leaves. Season the salad with mayonnaise and mix.

    5. Appetizing chicken salad with tomatoes is decorated with croutons and served to the table.

    Bon Appetit!


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  • Salad with chicken and pineapple



      •   Chicken breast 300 grams
      •   Pineapple canned 200 grams
      •   Egg 4 pieces
      •   Cheese 80 grams
      •   Mayonnaise 4 tablespoons
      •   Grains of pomegranate
      •   Salt 1 pinch


    1. Boil chicken breast and eggs in salted water. When ready let cool. Take transparent dishes and add to each: 1 tsp of mayonnaise.
    2. Finely chop the boiled chicken breast. Put her first layer.

    3. Then add the cubes of pineapples, eggs and a layer of mayonnaise. Grind the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle the salad.

        4. Garnish with pomegranate seeds each serving of salad!

    Bon Appetit!

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  • Salad "sunflower" with chicken and mushrooms


    • 200 - 300 gr., Chicken breast or fillet
    • 200gr. pickled mushrooms (you can take and fresh mushrooms)
    • 3 eggs, 150gr. cheese
    • 1 jar of pitted olives
    • chips Pringles
    • mayonnaise


    Boil in salted water chicken breast until done, let cool and cut into cubes of medium size. Boil eggs, separate the whites from the yolks, the whites grate on a coarse grater in a separate bowl, the egg yolks on a fine grater. If you are preparing fresh mushrooms, chop them and fry until Golden brown, if the mushrooms are marinated, then just chop them. RUB cheese on a coarse grater. Olives cut in half.

    Take a large dish, spread the first layer of sliced chicken breast, top make mesh from mayonnaise.


    The second layer will be the mushrooms, spread them on top of the chicken, equal, top make mayonnaise mesh.

     On top, lay out the squirrels, level, make a mayonnaise mesh.Sprinkle with grated cheese.

    From above evenly cover with grated yolks - this will be the last layer of salad.

     Decorate the salad on top of sliced olives and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

    Before serving the salad on the table, spread along the edge of the chips that he became quite like a sunflower. Serve salad with Sunflower to the table and entertained the guests.

    Bon appetit!

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